Her Voice Unlimited, LLC provides over 22 years of experience

in publishing, management, audio and video production, and over six years of eLearning development experience.


Her Voice Unlimited, LLC founder, Constance Carlisle began her career at IDG Books Editorial Department in the For Dummies Consumer and Technical brand as an editor, Senior Editor, and Manager for in-house editors and the freelance editing team. She learned the importance of branding, collaborative team work, and the discipline of the creative process throughout her years at IDG/Hungry Minds/Wiley.

Audio Producer

Her audio production career began with creating scripts and producing audio for the For Dummies MCSE Training Kits. Over the years, she continued to gain experience producing a language audio set series for Wiley. She produced the original and revisions of the language audio CDs for each language book, including Spanish For DummiesArabic for Dummies, Russian For Dummies, Korean For Dummies.

Video Producer

In 1997, she directed and produced her first documentary short, Hope of Awakening, which was immediately picked up for distribution by the Cinema Guild. It was revised in 2004 and picked up for distribution by JIST Publishing.

In 2002, she founded Her Voice Unlimited, LLC. In the same year, she produced a wide variety of award-winning documentaries and videos for JIST Publishing, including Down But Not Out and JIST Cards.

In 2004, after leaving her position at JIST, she produced the award-winning videos Exploring Your Career Options and Exploring Your Character, both included a version each for Administrators and Students.

She produced both the original video and revision of Signing For Dummies for the back of the book DVD and downloadable video clips.

In 2009, she freelance produced for Instrux,  coordinating transcripts, talent, audio and video pre-production, production, post production, revisions and ancillary material publication, and collaborated in building the first online courses for JIST Publishing.

And in 2012, she produced video, both original footage of live workshop and post on existing video footage for Indiana Legal Services CEU online learning courses.

In 2013, in addition to storyboarding the course, she  produced audio voice over and post produced  video for the NFHS eLearning course, Coaching Swimming.

In 2014, Constance founded Elements eLearning to broaden services for eLearning. Her Voice Unlimited, LLC builds the elements, and Elements eLearning builds the modules and can also host your courses.