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AI Statement

Hervoice Unlimited, LLC does not implement AI for researching articles, writing blog articles, or any aspect of eLearning content creation.

I research myself. I do my own writing. When I research for blog articles, I keep a resource page. It is my intention to not use AI generated content on any level for anything posted on this site, ever.

I can see ways that AI could be useful. But for now, I am skeptical about the fast and furious implementation of AI to generate content.

My writing is my own. My thoughts are my own. The content is my own. With that said, creating creative content is often inspired by other people’s work. Their original design, how they utilize layout, color, images, how they inspire a new way of thinking, etc… When I am inspired by a specific person’s work, I make that clear with links or references.

To me there is a big difference in being inspired by another human being to create content and copying AI generated content. I don’t know whose content I’m using, I am unclear about permissions, copyrights with AI generated content. I don’t know how that content is filtered or changed once it is in the AI collective. And I don’t know if that content has been validated in any way.