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The ideas for repurposing your content are
endless, inspiring and affordable.

I work with you to explore your existing content such as photos, existing video, PDFs, Word documents, unfinished drafts, Power Point presentations, etc… and transform that content into formats that best reach your current audience and expand to a new audience. And this is the perfect time to make your content accessible.


  • Transcribe a podcast and post as a blogpost
  • Create an email campaign from small sections of informative content
  • Convert transcription into an accessible e-book
  • Use current audio as voice over for a video, animation, or eLearning module


  • Break up video into short clips for social media and YouTube
  • Convert a how-to video into a podcast or a how-to blog
  • Transcribe video and add captions
  • Convert existing video content into an eLearning module

Writing and Editorial

  • Transform that content  into formats that best reach a more inclusive audience.
  • Update your current content, such as PDFs, Word documents and turn them into a new blog or an eLearning module
  • Turn current written content into an accessible infographic, video tutorial, webinar, or an e-book!
  • Add accessibility to all repurposed content