Our services include:


  • Convert existing audio such as interviews, video voice over into podcasts.
  • Update blogs and record as a podcast.


  • Post produce existing video or help you to develop and produce new audio and video to publish it online or as elements for an eLearning module.

Writing and Editorial

  • Inspire you to find your voice by exploring your existing content such as photos, existing video, PDFs, Word documents, unfinished drafts,¬† Power Point presentations, and transforming that content¬† into formats that best reach a new audience.
  • Update your current content, such as PDFs, Word documents and turn them into new blog.
  • Turn current written content into an infographic, video tutorial, webinar, an e-book!

Collaborate with your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) throughout the creative process.

The ideas for re-purposing your content are endless, exciting, and affordable! However you want to publish your content, we help you get there.

Her Voice Unlimited, LLC

Creating your content, one voice at a time